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Our story

The history of ImFlo floats and systems started over 120 years ago

The company with the name V.O.F Wed. Jac Den Holder and son was established in 1898 in the city of Leiden, the Netherlands. In those years they used to have winders made of wood. In the late nineties it became more difficult to produce the systems and in 2004 ImFlo took over the production step by step and moved it to Serbia. ImFlo has its own production company under the name LT Fishing Floats. In the spring of 2010 the name of the systems and floats was changed into ImFlo. Since then ImFlo has grown to a brand with a beautiful assortment of floats and systems for all kinds of fishing.

ImFlo has been putting a lot of effort in promoting ladies’ fishing for many years. ImFlo has its own plastic molds which makes it much easier to produce pink products. For lady fishing ImFlo has pink systems, pink carp floats and even complete sets for beginners, which consist of a pink system, pink boxes of lead, pink hook remover, pink nylon spool, all packed in a nice pink blister pack.
Because of the own production line in Europe, ImFlo is able to provide the best quality. All floats and systems meet the highest standards.
ImFlo sells to trade only, either via ImFlo in Holland or direct import from the production line of LT Fishing Floats in Serbia. In small quantities it is preferable via ImFlo in Holland.
ImFlo is able to produce on demand. PLS contact for further information.

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